Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Copts overseas included Clergy and Bishops have the right to protest

I have read and watch some critics to the rallies and protest marches in the most of European, American Canadian and Australian cities. They also questioning how Pope shenouda allowed these rallies and didn't order his sons and daughters overseas to not express their grieves.

The Pope has no right to prevent his people to demonstrate. That is not religious matter but political matter. It is not sin to advise his people to not to do it.

Many times many voices asked the church to deal with religious matter only. Then why the contradiction and double standard?.

It is abuse for his authority, if Pope declare that people not to rally. This also will be similar to the disputed Pope decision preventing Copts to visit Jerusalem.

Similar to Copts living in Egypt, Egyptian overseas have feelings and they chocked with the massacare of innocent teen copts who only killed in cold blood for only being Christian. Moreover in their countries in diaspora, people are free to protest that way.

Don't forget that the most of the Copts overs ease have immigrated for the discrimination and preventing them the upper jops. They know and follow all the news of the persecution of Copts inside their homeland.