Friday, March 19, 2010

Saying "All Egyptian are Copts" is not correct

Saying that all Egyptian are Copts" is not correct and it is the new direction to confuse and defuse the Coptic Problem.Yes Egypt is from " Ageptos" in Greek "ekept" in Rusian which is derived from Arabic qubṭi قبطي (pl: qubṭ قبط and aqbāṭ أقباط) After they invaded Egypt in 641 A.D. the Arabs called the indigenous population of the country Gypt.

As I said, the Arabs were by themselves who used the word "Copts" to refer to the native Egyptians who were the direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians.

So the word used first to refer to Egyptians whose ancestors embraced Christianity in the first centuries after Christ. But since some of them were converted to Islam therefore the word was refer to all native Egyptian. But by the time it has undergone a semantic shift over the centuries to mean more specifically Egyptian Christian. This semantic shift dates back to the time when Christians became an Egyptian minority.

The other citizen in Egypt, the Muslims gave up that characteristic either because they were not ancestors of ancient Egyptian or because they were but converted to Islam and mixed with other strangers who came from the Arabia, Persia, Iraq, Turkey, Albania [ as was the last royal family] or from Caucas [Mamelukes who came as slaves].

It is very highly likely that Christian Egyptian was from Egyptian (the copts) that not converted to Islam and Survived by paying tax. They kept their Christianity, using the Coptic Calendar, remember their history,arts and myertrs. They continued to use the Coptic language against the odd till the last centuries.

So nowaday Copts is used for Christian Egyptians who use "Coptic Language", "Coptic Calendar", "Coptic Niroz" . These are not indicated Egyptian language , "Egyptian calendar" or "Egyptian New Year"

There is coptic Curches but never we named any Islamic mosque or islamic organisation to be Coptic Mosque or Coptic islamic institute,....

There is Coptic museum beside, Egyptian and Islamic museum shows items collected from Churches and people before the conquest of the Arabs.

Search any directionary or enclospidia about coptic and copts.

Watch any one from governement or pariament, journalists or tv broadcasting and notice when they refere to the christian Egyptian as the Copts and they speak about Coptic problem that not mean Egyptian problems. When told about Coptic Feast.

Notice the human right organisation talking about the copts's rights they don't mean Egyptian right.

Watch the all presidents when talking about the unity of the nations branches: muslims and copts.

Watch all the colums in neswpaper and headlines speak about the coptic community.

If we all Copts then:
  • Why we don't use Coptic Language as our national language?
  • Why nothing in history lessons in school about history of christianity in Egypt, and patariarches?
  • Why nothing be told except in Churches about the Coptic Myrters.?
  • Why we don't use Coptic Calendar?
  • Why no Islamic organization uses "coptic" in its activities?
  • Why no coptic division in faculties of art in the universities.
 In conclusion nowdays, Copts is used for the Christian Egyptian. So please don't confusde the matter.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Copts are a minority

One among the methods for defusing copts' right is saying that Copts are not a minority but they are equal.

Some years ago, the Copts haven't allowed to participate in a conference about the minorities saying that they are not minority.

Recently, Egyptian Minster, Mofid Shehab in Geneve during defending questioning human right records in Egtpt answered the coptic minority right and said that Copts are not minority but they are equal in consitution. He compare apples with oranges. They compare the numbers with the theortical right in the constitution.

In statistics Copts are 10% while the Muslims are 90%. Then Copts are minority. That is simple. I am Mathematician and familiar with the term minority.

Let us see some examples. In many countries a party formed a stable government because it obtained more than 50% and they called the majority. The other parties called the minorities. It can happened if they get half of the seat of Parliament +1. The Democratic party in US is a majority in congress and senate because they have more than half seat . 2 Year ago they were majority in the congress but minority in the senate. because they have more than 50% of seat of congress while they have less than 50% in the senate. President of USA won the position if he get 50.01 % and said he posses the majority of the complex vote.